• PINPOINT® Armor Hard Carry Case Kit for ORP/REDOX Meters

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    The Deluxe Armor Hard Carry Case ORP Kit is the perfect way to keep your PINPOINT® ORP/REDOX Meter, calibration fluids, storage fluid and probe safe and organized.

    This kit includes the Armor Hard Carry Case, a 30mL bottle of Probe Storage Fluid, a Cleaning/Polishing Probe Strip and 4 pieces of +400mV ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid. Each sealed pouch contains approximately 25mL of fresh calibration fluid. Very field portable and dead-on accuracy.

    The Armor Hard Carry Case is made of impact resistant ABS plastic, features double-sided convoluted foams, dual locking closures and an attaché type handle. Perfect for protecting your PINPOINT® Meter and all its accessories.

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