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pH Monitor

ORP/Redox Monitor

Nitrate Monitor

Calcium Monitor

Wireless Thermometer

Salinity Monitor
Oxygen Monitor
Oxygen Monitor

Conductivity (Hardness) Monitor
Calibration Thermometer


ORP Controller

pH Controller

Temperature Controller


AC Adapter
110 VAC

AC Adapter
220 VAC

Nitrate Probe

Calcium Calibration Fluids

Conductivity Calibration Fluid

Calcium Probe Assembly

Nitrate Calibration Fluids

Oxygen Probe

Oxygen Probe Extension Cable

Oxygen Membrane Cap & Fluid Kit

ORP Probe

ORP/Redox Calibration Fluid

Probe storage fluid for pH and ORP Probes

pH Probe

pH Calibration Fluids

Salinity Calibration Fluid

Temperature Probe Assembly (for Temperature Controller)

15 ft extension cable

Temperature Sensor


CO2 Regulator

CGA320 Adapter (for CO2 Regulator)


Group Photo of all Monitors and Controllers

Company logo, black (JPG format)

Company logo, PMS 327 (JPG format)