Selcon Recipe

The benefits of Selcon Concentrate are truly astounding. One of our favorite recipes is as follows:

Go to the FISH MARKET where you would buy FRESH FISH for your family to eat and purchase the following:

  • 1 or 2 uncooked shrimp
  • A few fresh clams (in the shell)
  • Scraps of fish fillet (tuna, cod, salmon, etc.)
  • 1 Squid, cleaned but not cooked
  • A few scallops

Remove the shrimp and clams from their shells and pat the meat dry on a paper towel. Wrap each shrimp and each clam with plastic wrap and put in freezer overnight. Wrap each of the remaining ingredients individually with plastic wrap and freeze overnight. The next day, carefully cut each frozen piece by using a serrated bread knife; trying to make thin slices, the approximate thickness of a nickel. Continue to chop these small frozen slices to the size of a grain of rice. Small pieces of fish will cut best when frozen. Put all of the chopped pieces into a small bowl and add enough Selcon Concentrate (shake first) to give the mixture a consistency similar to cooked oatmeal. I also like to add a few scoops of Masago, which is the roe of Capelin or Smelt, commonly used by Japanese to make Sushi. The eggs are colored bright orange, approximately 1 mm in diameter and relished by all of the tank inhabitants. You can purchase small amounts of this in any oriental specialty store or perhaps a friendly Sushi restaurant. The mixture can now be thinly spread onto a sheet of plastic wrap and frozen. Miniature ice cube trays or empty cube packs work very well also. Make small batches of this recipe and make it frequently...Enjoy