• PINPOINT® ORP Monitor Deluxe Kit

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    PINPOINT® ORP Deluxe Kit contains all the necessary components for accurate measurement of Kangan/Alkaline/Ionized/hydrogen rich water.

    Accurate and faster readings guaranteed.

    Contains a complete supply of all maintenance components to insure accurate measurement for years to come.

    PINPOINT® ORP Deluxe Kit includes:
          – PINPOINT® ORP Monitor with Probe and Probe Storage Bottle
          – Extra backup PINPOINT® ORP Replacement Probe
          – ORP +400mV Calibration Fluid (10 pouches)
          – Storage Fluid (2 bottles)
          – Cleaning/Polishing Strips (3 pieces)
          – Mini Screwdriver
          – Armor Hard Carry Case
      • The PINPOINT® ORP Monitor is a unique full range ORP instrument with a measurable capacity of +2,000 to -2,000mV. This meter has a calibration feature to further enhance it's accuracy. High quality hydrogen enriched alkaline water typically measures -710 to -750.
      • The PINPOINT® ORP Replacement Probe is designed especially for the PINPOINT® ORP Monitor. It features a long life, fast response and full range UltraPure Platinum® tip capable of precise measurement to (minus) -2,000 mV. Each probe features a 10 foot cable with a high interference suppression jacket, Ag-AgCl reference, and is 99.9% pure platinum. Probe Storage Bottle is included.
      • ORP +400mV Calibration Fluid should be used to occasionally verify the meter/probe accuracy and condition. Always be sure to have some on hand.
      • Probe Storage Fluid should be placed inside the storage bottle to approximately halfway capacity. This will keep the response of the probe very fast and crisp.
      • Cleaning/Polishing Strips are used to recondition the jewelry grade platinum probe tip to remove contaminants. This will enhance the reading of low negative ORP values. This will be the only method to condition the probe tip without destroying the delicate platinum surface. The Cleaning/Polishing strips can be reused over and over. Share the extra strip with a friend. If the ionizer readings are not as you predicted, a 5 second cleaning with the strip is all you need.
      • Armor Hard Carry Case will protect the instrumentation, keep the vital components in one location and give a professional presentation. This is a black, hard plastic case with double side internal convoluted foams, dual case locks and an attaché type handle. This is how any serious demonstration should start for water quality.

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