• PINPOINT® Electronic CO2 Solenoid

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  • Description

    PINPOINT® Electronic CO2 Solenoid with separate bubble counter for the precise addition of CO2 gas. This solenoid will control CO2 gas flow from a steady stream to a few bubbles per minute with a simple adjustment.

    PINPOINT® Electronic CO2 Solenoid includes:
        – Electroic Solenoid
        – Bubble Counter
        – Miniature Screwdriver

    • No leak tubing fittings
    • Precise micro CO2 output control valve
    • Green LED Power indicator on Solenoid
    • Green LED Power indicator on AC Adapter
    • Electrical Adapters available include: 120 VAC North America, 230 VAC Europe, 230 VAC Australia, 230 VAC Great Britain, 230 VAC Hong Kong with proper prong configuration
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • For more details, see the Users Guide.
  • <i> PINPOINT</i>® Electronic CO2 Solenoid
  • <i> PINPOINT</i>® Electronic CO2 Solenoid

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